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2016 Summer Camp is ready to start taking reservations.  If you are interested in attending Please follow this link to sign up.   We would love to have you at the camp.

Camp Schedule Posted.

2015 Whistlekick Video

whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Podcast with Hanshi Alexander.





whistlekick Martial Arts Supply

2015 Summer Camp

2015 Summer Camp.  Thanks everyone for making it a fantastic camp. 


Pictures Posted.

AJJIF Grandmaster Alexander Video


“Training in budo requires an iron will and an iron body.”George Alexander

Okinawa, Japan is the birthplace of Karate. Shorin Ryu Karate is the oldest and most traditional form of this Okinawan martial art. Shorin Ryu is a synthesis of an indigenous Okinawan fighting art called Te (hands) and ancient Chinese martial art traditions which influenced Okinawan martial arts. The Shorin Ryu tradition uses kata or forms handed down from Sokon “Bushi” Matsumura (1797- 1889). This traditional Okinawan karate style flourishes today.

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