2017 Annual Training

Annual Training Seminar Information



This years ISKKF Annual Training was hosted in Palm Coast Florida.

Seminar Information:

Dates:  March 10 – March 11 2017.

A wide range of martial arts were taught- Karate, Kobudo, Jujitsu, Kendo, Iaido, MMA Kickboxing. All classes are taught by high ranking expert instructors in a professional friendly atmosphere that encourages learning. This years annual Martial Art Seminar was held at the Hammock Community Center (one block from the beach) in Palm Coast, Florida.


Seminar held at:
Hammock Community Center
79 Malacompra Rd.
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Contact information:
Telephone: 386-283-5312
email: alexyama@mindspring.com or suealex@mindspring.com
Mailing Address: Hanshi George Alexander-35 Buffalo Grove Dr, Palm Coast FL 32137
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Martial Arts

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