Federation Rules and Regulations


1.  Responsibility and Rights:

By being accepted as a member of the Federation the member has the right to use the trademarked name of the Federation.  It is also the responsibility of the member to be thoroughly familiar with this guidebook and to abide by all rules and regulations of the Federation stated herein and to represent, teach, and grade in Specific Martial Art Discipline.


2. Inactive Members:

     The  Federation relies on its members and instructor’s to actively teach and train in the Martial Arts.  Like any professional it is important to stay current and stay in shape physically.  Any member who is inactive for a period of six months will be put on an inactive list and their membership will be subject to revocation.


3. Revocation of Membership:

The Federation reserves the right to revoke and terminate any member including an individual, Dojo or association for any misconduct or inappropriate action or solely at its own discretion at any time.  In the event of revocation, all rights and privileges especially the right to use the trademarked name of the Federation, any similar name or the trademarked name will be forfeited.

4. Membership Enrollment Registration:

       Individuals may register for membership in the Federation for an annual cost of $35.00 by filling out the individual membership form  enclosed in Appendix A.  A Sensei may register their Dojo for an annual cost of $75.00.  They must register and have a minimum of ten active students to qualify and receive a Dojo Charter.  An association charter is also available at a cost of $200.00.  Simply fill out the attached application forms in Appendix A.


5. Failure to enroll students:

       As mentioned above at least ten active students must be enrolled by a Sensei annually to receive a Dojo Charter.  Failure to enroll students as required will lead to revocation.


6: Resignations:

If any member wishes to resign from the Federation they may do so by submitting a formal written letter of resignation.  Once they have resigned they are no longer authorized to teach or grade or represent the Federation.



7: Training at the Honbu Dojo:

Instructor’s may train at the Honbu Dojo any time. However, it is advisable to contact the Honbu Dojo and reserve training time.


8.  Contacting the Honbu Dojo:

Any member is authorized to contact the Honbu Dojo by mail, telephone, or fax. It is good to hear from our people.


9.  Etiquette and Respect:

The traditional forms of Japanese etiquette are observed by the Federation. This includes showing the proper respect to both seniors (sempai) and juniors (kohai). The Sensei/Deshi relationship is also observed by the Federation.  A Sensei is always addressed as “Sensei” or by his title.


  1.  Children’s Rank:

Children must be at least 16 years old to be a Black Belt, 15 years old with Special exception.


  1.  Kyu and Dan grading:

In order to promote his students an instructor may submit a certificate order.  The order should contain the following information:  student’s name; rank applied for; date of rank and promotion fee. A promotion to higher Dan grades (4th Dan and above) or titles can be applied for by submitting a request for promotion letter (Shin Sei Sho letter).  All requests for Dan promotion and the awarding of titles must be in accordance with time in grade and age requirements.


Dojo certificates will not be issued by members of the Federation.  An instructor may not issue a Dojo certificate that ranks a student in  a specific Martial Art Discipline under the auspices of the Federation. This is considered  a breach of the regulations.  All certificates will be issued by International Headquarters.


12.  Chain of Command/ Organizational Structure:.

Any formal organization recognizes a chain of command and its organizational structure.  This simply means one does not bypass his seniors for the purpose of gaining rank or any other reason.

13.  Martial Arts Supplies:

Yamazato International is the exclusive Martial Arts supplier for the Federation.

14.  Structure of Fees:

Instructors are entitled to charge and retain whatever is reasonable in their Area for lessons and promotion fees.  Included in this guidebook is a schedule of fees required by the Federation. The instructor may charge whatever is reasonable over and above the Federation fee and retain this difference.


15.  Types of Membership:

  1.        Individual Membership:  This type of membership is for anyone who is a student or Sensei wishing to study.  The annual cost is $45.00 and the individual member will receive a membership card  and membership certificate.
  2.        Graded Membership:  An individual may join as a member and receive a rank certificate from the Federation provided he holds an equivalent rank from a recognized Japanese system.  The cost of the annual membership fee is $45.00 plus the appropriate certificate cost listed in the schedule of fees.
  3.        Lifetime Membership: A lifetime membership is available for those    individuals who desire it.  This membership exempts one from the annual fee. The cost of a lifetime membership is $300.00.
  4.        Dojo Membership: A Dojo may become a member by joining the Federation and registering a minimum of ten students.  A Dojo charter/license will be issued at an annual cost of $99.00.
  5.         Association Membership: An Association may become a member of the Federation and receive a   charter. The cost for an association charter is $200.00 and $99.00 for each branch Dojo.
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