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Historical Context of Hakutsuru Kenpo in Okinawa.   A must

China and the

Okinawan White Crane

Part I


The martial arts of Southern China
have been the source of much of Okinawas martial art culture,
especially its emptyhand system known as Naha-Te. Another unique
martial art system known as Shuri-Te (Shorin Ryu) was also
influenced by Chinese martial arts but it has its own history
and evolution distinct from Naha-Te. The white crane system of
Southern China has in fact defined Naha-Te.

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China and the
Okinawan White Crane


Part 2

The foundation of Okinawan white crane kenpo and its Chinese
origins are embodied in the kata or quan handed down over
the generations in the Fujian region of Southern China. Three of
these forms stand out as the most widely practiced and
ubiquitous forms. They are sanchin (three battles),
(thirteen) and sanseiryu (thirty six).

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Dear Martial Artist:

The OKINAWA HAKUTSURU KENPO ASSOCIATION and study group is recognized as a world-wide martial arts organization and is a member of the World Martial Arts Federation.

The OKINAWA HAKUTSURU KENPO ASSOCIATION is a world leader in organizing and presenting the art of hakutsuru kenpo or white crane fist style to the public. The OKINAWA HAKUTSURU KENPO ASSOCIATION is dedicated to teaching its members and educating the public about the Okinawan White Crane fist style of martial arts. It is an elite group and is open to 
Black Belts Only!


The Federation Offers:

  • Rank testing and grading

  • Instructor certification

  • Membership card and

  • Individual and School

  • Standardized Instruction

  • Seminars

  • Instructional videos

  • Newsletter

The Federation was formed because of an overwhelming interest in HAKUTSURU KENPO world-wide. Much of the knowledge contained in this traditional but elusive style of Okinawa is still unknown to many serious martial artists. Therefore, the association was formed to popularize HAKUTSURU KENPO and to offer an organized curriculum and ranking system to those martial artists interested in developing skill in the arts of HAKUTSURU KENPO of Okinawa. This association was also established to preserve HAKUTSURU KENPOs original combativeness and warrior spirit. These are characteristics lacking in many other organizations. The association also seeks to foster certain martial virtues in its members and cultivate a spirit upon which to build character, sincerity, perseverance and respect.

The OKINAWA HAKUTSURU KENPO ASSOCIATION has on its board of directors (In Memoriam) Grand Master Yuichi Kuda, 10th
Dan (1928-1999), George W. Alexander, Hanshi 10th Dan – Chairman & Chief Examiner and the following directors: Masaru Shintani, 9th Dan and (In Memoriam) Ken Penland, 10th Dan. The association has one of the most professional boards of directors representing its organization. These directors are all leading masters in the martial arts. They are recognized world-wide for their technical skill and teaching abilities in the martial arts.  These men serve as a resource of knowledge to help with the transmission of the true spirit of the martial arts.

I invite you to join with us in training and preserving the traditional martial arts of Okinawa and hakutsuru kenpo–white crane fist style.


George Alexander, Hanshi 10th Dan
Okinawa Hakutsuru Kenpo Association


How Do I Join?


Sensei and students who are actively practicing karate or other martial arts may join the Hakutsuru Kenpo Association. The annual membership fee is $45.00. If membership is approved, the new member will receive a membership certificate and membership card. Sensei may register their dojo at an annual cost of $75.00. They must register and have a minimum of ten active students to qualify and receive a dojo charter. An association charter is also available at a cost of $200.00. Simply fill out the application below and either mail or e-mail to the Hakutsuru Kenpo Association.

Types of Membership:

A. Individual Membership: This type of membership is for anyone
who is a student or Sensei wishing to study White Crane. The annual cost is $45.00 and the individual member will receive a membership card and 
membership certificate.

B. Graded Membership: An individual may join as a member and
receive a rank certificate from the Federation provided he holds an
equivalent rank from a recognized Japanese/Okinawan system. The cost of the annual membership fee is $45.00 plus the appropriate certificate cost 
listed in the schedule of fees ($100.00 per dan level).

C. Lifetime Membership: A lifetime membership is available for
those individuals who desire it. This membership exempts one from the annual fee. The cost of a lifetime membership is $400.00.

D. Dojo Membership: A Dojo may become a member by joining the
Federation and registering a minimum of ten students. A Dojo
charter/license will be issued at an annual cost of $99.00.

E. Association Membership: An Association may become a member of the Federation and receive a charter. The cost for an association charter is $200.00 and $99.00 for each branch Dojo.

Dan Grading:

Dan gradings are held at the honbu dojo once a year in July at the
headquarters dojo at the Summer camp or upon request. The Hakutsuru Kenpo association only issues Dan ranks therefore this organization is for Black Belts Only! Occasionally, video testing is admissible under special circumstances for those who cannot attend these events. (For promotion rank requirements and instructor certification requirements see the attached lists).

Additionally, in order to promote his/her students an instructor may
submit a certificate order. The order should contain the following
information: students name; rank applied for; date of rank and promotion fee. A promotion to higher Dan grades (4th Dan and above) or titles can be applied for by submitting a request for promotion letter (Shin Sei Sho letter). All requests for Dan promotion and the awarding of titles must be in accordance with time in grade and age requirements.

Schedule of Fees:

Membership – Join:


Kata Syllabus & Rank Requirements

RankKata SyllabusShodan

  • Hakutsuru So (Sho) (Sanchin)
  • Hakutsuru Tan (ni) (Sanchin)
  • Tensho (Revolving Hands)
  • Fighting Kata Shodan


  • Paipuren (Happoren)
  • Eight steps Breathing & Energy kata
  • Seiunchin
  • Seisan
  • Fighting Kata Nidan


  • Sanseiryu
  • Seipai
  • Fighting Kata Sandan


  • Nipaipo (28 steps) (Pressure points & Knockout Fighting
  • Niseishi (Twenty four steps)


  • Arakaki Sochin


  • Unsu Kata (Cloud hand)
  • Suparinpei (Pechurim)


  • Kumemura Hakutsuru – War Kata (Highest level kata-interna and
    external energy in one kata.


  • Additional requirements: Kyusho Jutsu and a knowledge of
    the 48 techniques of Kenpo from Bubishi.





Rank Title Time in Grade Age
Shodan Two Years as a Kyu
Nidan One year after Shodan
Sandan Two years after Nidan
Yondan Renshi Three years after Sandan
Godan Four years after Yondan
Rokudan Kyoshi Five years after Godan 35
Nanadan Six years after Rokudan 40
Hachidan Hanshi Seven years after Nanadan 47
Kyudan Eight Years after Hachidan 56
Judan Nine years after Kyudan 65

Mastering White Crane Karate

 DVD Video Set Includes:

1.  Hakutsuru The Secret of the White Crane (Kumemura Hakutsuru kata & applications explained). 60 min.
2.  Legend of the White Crane (Matsumura Hakutsuru kata & applications.) 45 min.
3. White Crane Speed & Evasion Vol. I Hakutsuru So & Tan
kata, Paipuren (8 Steps energy 
& breathing kata), training drills and Fighting kata. 60 min.
4.  White Crane Speed & Evasion Vol. II Nipaipo kata, advanced
fighting kata, 
pressure point and knockout techniques. 60 min.
5.  The Secrets of the Bubishi (Pressure points/knockout techniques and the 48 Essential Techniques of Kenpo explained. 2hrs.  Mastering White Crane Set Five Volumes $119.95 plus $6.00 S& H

Available individually $29.95 ea. $6.00 S&H

To order: Call 1-888-299-YAMA (9262) or visit the website at





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